Quarantine Meals

One of our all time FAVE meals, not just during quarantine, is spaghetti squash lasagna. The bonus is that it requires minimal ingredients. If you are like me, and are trying to avoid the grocery store, add this to your weekly meal plan. You can easily have the ingredients delivered (and probably have the seasoning in your pantry). I also particularly enjoy how easy and early the prep can be done. I start cooking the squash at breakfast, and am totally prepped before lunch. Between google meetings, phone calls and trying to raise these two little babes, simple and quick are necessities these days. Not to mention, it is nutritious and really tasty. Give it a whirl. You won’t be disappointed! PS. I am definitely not a food blogger. Meaning: I can’t photograph food. I mean I can, it just does not do the taste justice. I will work on that. So don’t judge, just scroll quickly to the recipe card at the bottom.


Exhibit A: v. ugly photo of a v. delicious meal.
Exhibit B: Add fresh basil, that will def make the pic look better. NOT. But still, amazing to the taste buds.

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