The House That Built Me

Wow. I took on quite the project this summer. I gave my old (31 years old to be exact) little tikes playhouse a facelift for my boys to enjoy. And it was 150% worth it. They are obsessed. I shared the backstory on Instagram, and got so many questions, I figured I would create a … Continue reading The House That Built Me

Quarantine Meals

One of our all time FAVE meals, not just during quarantine, is spaghetti squash lasagna. The bonus is that it requires minimal ingredients. If you are like me, and are trying to avoid the grocery store, add this to your weekly meal plan. You can easily have the ingredients delivered (and probably have the seasoning … Continue reading Quarantine Meals

Social Distancing- The Book List

I honestly still don't believe the world is experiencing pandemic. I can't begin to wrap my head around what is going on. From an educational perspective, I feel so helpless. As a daughter and granddaughter, I am nervous for my parents and grandmothers. As a wife, I am terrified for my husband putting his own … Continue reading Social Distancing- The Book List